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A worthier opponent - Rethinking myself, Pt. I

Lest my post on Richard Dawkins creates the impression that I don't credit any arguments which call into question the plexus of reasons which I and others have adduced to justify the invasion of Iraq ... I am glad to direct any interested reader's attention to this superbly written, provocative, and carefully reasoned article by Perry Anderson, whom I consider to be a rara avis -- a serious Leftist thinker.

I fondly recalled this article recently, having read it in the run-up to the war, and - as you'll understand if you bother to read it carefully - both took ammunition from it and was challenged by it.

In contradistinction to the likes of Dawkins, I respectfully differ with Anderson; not least regarding his insinuation that both typical advocates and opponents alike of war need credit the UN with enjoying some kind of hallowed moral-legal status. I myself consider the UN to be mostly a -- useful -- fiction. Adverting to its resolutions is effective rhetorically, while having no obviously binding normative force.

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