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Day of Rest

My Dad has been gone for nearly a decade now. Criticize him any day of the year - for he would not be undeserving of it -  except that of his death, October 6th. 

In a somewhat similar vein, I'll join you in debate on the demerits of the US from the first of January until September 10th, and from September 12th through year's end. But not today.

Is that "irrational"? Perhaps, if by that we mean "incapable of being given a full (rational) accounting".  However, one of the things that I come to believe, as I grow older, is how rationally tenuous many of our most cherished beliefs are. No, I won't dive headlong into moral and intellectual anarchy; there is still a fundamental difference between intellectual circumspection and its opposite, no matter how provisional our views must be.

But on October 6th, when I become uncharacteristically filial, as today, when I indulge in uncharacteristic fatherlandishness, I go a bit easy on myself - giving my "reason" a day of rest. Such is my taste.

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