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Ouch: Fuck Peter Beinart

Though for rather different reasons, I was most unimpressed with Beinart's piece, not least because he omitted to mention TNR's own  Leon Wieseltier as amongst those who, "across ideological lines,"  think that, uh, a little "blame" is due those who actually wield the knives and drills that are applied to the heads and throats of their confessional nemeses.

I'm not sure why Beinart doesn't entertain the prosaic notion of varying degrees of (shared) responsibility - co-responsibility. On second thought, I think I know why he doesn't ...

I respect the righteous fury of those who opposed this "adventure" from the start infinitely more than the hand-wringing Sullivans, Beinarts, et al. whose "idealistic" little war was ruined by their bugaboo - the malign and incompetent Bush.

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Of the defectors from the pro-war position, my favorite is the guy who does the Belgravia Dispatch. Partly because he was smart as a pro-war advocate and he is still smart as an anti-war advocate.

Smart is admirable.

Posted by: rogergathman at Dec 14, 2006 2:48:08 PM

Ah, I was expecting a great spill of Craddickian wisdom in the new year, but - not a droplet!

Paul - how do you expect 2007 to limp along if you don't prod it with a few comments?

Posted by: roger at Jan 10, 2007 10:44:06 AM